We've been working on the update for a while now. Were still doing a bit of testing of the new control system at the moment but it should be submitted in a couple of days to the App Store. The original submission took about 10 days so I'd expect the same again. Hopefully it will be ready for Christmas.

Below is a list of the changes which will be included in the next update of both the full version and the Lite version.

If you can think of anything that needs work, feel free to email our support with your suggestion or problem.

1.1 Changes

New features

 - new difficulty level - Hard.

 - new save game format - includes time, score and moves per level.

 - support for interruption of game by phone call and the ability to continue next time the game is started next time.

 - ability to trade points for an extra try at the level when you fail to complete it in the time limit.

 - new options screen:

- select level to play.

- limited by highest level reached.

  - select difficulty.

 - results screen now displays player's score and tells you if you have a high score/low time/low moves.

 - control system now more forgiving

Bug fixes

 - problems with level completion.

 - rendering problem on first frame in game.

 - fixed PNG rendering.

 - fixed problems with QUIT button being too big.

 - fixed bug with determining input direction

 - font rendering fixes

 - reset bug for last level fixed

 - fixed bug in audio when retrying a level