Molecular Deuce X


Molecular Deuce X


Molecular Deuce X is the new puzzle game of the Mac which followup to the successful iPhone and iPad game Molecule. Molecular Deuce X offers 60 levels worth of enjoyment where your goal is to get slide all the atoms together to make the molecule shown. If you liked the original you're going to love this game!


The goal is to move the atoms around the screen to create the molecule shown on the right of the screen. The faster you do this, the better, but be careful, as the number of moves is also used to calculate your score. Lower moves + faster time = higher score!

You can only slide the atoms horizontally or vertically and they don't stop until they hit a wall or another atom. You can put your molecule together anywhere on the screen that it will fit. 


  • To move an atom, just hold the mouse button down and slide the pointer over the atom. But only one atom can be in motion at a time. When atoms are close together you will need to use fine control to move the atom you want. Accuracy is important and to help with this when you touch the screen a cursor will flash under where you have touched and follow your finger for a short period of time. The cursor won't appear if there is an atom in motion already.

  • If you think you are stuck you can reset the level to try again or quit back to the main menu to try a different level.

  • 60 unique levels of challenging fun
  • Great graphics and sound effects.

Molecular Deuce is a reimagining of the game Atomix, released in 1990, created by Softtouch (Guenter Kraemer) and published by Thalion Software