Molecular Plus

Molecular Plus


Molecular Plus is a hard core puzzle game for the Apple iPad that is simple to pick up, fun to play but challenging to master. There are 30 levels of addictive fun as you race against the clock, bringing all the atoms together to produce the required molecule to complete each level and to beat your high score!

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The goal is to move the atoms around the screen to create the molecule shown on the bottom right of the screen. The faster you do this, the better, as any time remaining when you complete the molecule will be converted to points and added to your score. 
You can only slide the atoms horizontally or vertically and they don't stop until they hit a wall or another atom. You can put your molecule together anywhere on the screen that it will fit. Interspersed between molecule levels are bonus levels where you are required to get all the containers from empty to full from the top left corner to the bottom right. Again your goal is shown at the bottom right of the screen. You can't fail in a bonus level. If you don't achieve the pattern before the time is up, you just miss out on the points. You will still progress to the next level. If you can't complete a level in the allotted time your game is over. When the time is up a screen showing a summary of your results will be displayed. To play again you will have to start a new game and play from the beginning.

  • The game has to be played in landscape mode.

  • To start a game, select the difficulty you want to play with. The harder the difficulty the less time you get per level. There is no time limit in Practice mode but it will only let you play up to the highest molecule you have reached.

  • To move an atom, just slide you finger over the atom. But only one atom can be in motion at a time. When atoms are close together you will need to use fine control to move the atom you want. Accuracy is important and to help with this when you touch the screen a cursor will flash under where you have touched and follow your finger for a short period of time. The cursor won't appear if there is an atom in motion already.

  • When there is only 10 seconds left on a level a ticking will start and be heard every second until you complete the level or time runs out.

  • If the going gets a bit tough, a game can be quit at any time by hitting the “QUIT” button on the right of the screen under the score. Or you can hit the home button which will save the game's state and exit.

  • 30 unique levels of challenging fun, including bonus levels to help boost your score.
  • Great graphics and sound effects.
  • Play your own music in the background or listen to the unique in-game music and audio.
  • Optimised for reduced battery drain.
  • Four levels of difficulty for each of the 30 unique levels.
  • PLUS a practice mode to help you get past the levels that block you.
  • Handle interruption by phone calls .

Molecular is a clone of the game Atomix, released in 1990, created by Softtouch (Guenter Kraemer) and published by Thalion Software